Be interactive or get out of the way

Marketing is an ever-changing world that is always busy and constantly filled with anticipatory opportunities for everyone who works in the industry and leverages marketing for their organizations.

If you’re an executive or professional working in the marketing industry, this is probably music to your ears. Having new opportunities and unique ways to tell the story of an organization, product or service demonstrates career longevity and exciting ways to pursue your professional passions.

However, if you’re a small or large business owner or executive in an industry looking to market a product or service, it’s probably driving you a little crazy trying to keep track of how to target customers, market them effectively and convert leads. . Even hiring an outside marketing agency that gives you the ROI you’re looking for can be stressful.

It’s time we brought these two worlds together in a productive way, and the connection between the two in today’s world has a lot to do with transformative digital technology, Hard Trend’s future certainties around these technologiesand how they can be leveraged in new ways for effective marketing.

For Marketers: Technology Trends and Exponential Ways to Market a Client’s Business

If we start with a discussion of content trends this year and beyond, we need to consider where specific age groups are spending most of their passive time.

A future certainty that marketers can rely on is that regardless of an individual’s age, they are using and will continue to use digital technology. This includes smartphones, tablets, Kindles, smart TVs, VR headsets, and even traditional desktops and laptops. What an individual does on these devices has a number of varying changes around it. For example, it can be assumed that older people spend little or no time on TikTok and young people do not prefer internet browsers to phone apps.

But things change; technology and its exponential uses are accelerating at a rate never seen before, and because of this, all age groups are adopting software that they may have never tried before. You might be surprised to find that many baby boomers enjoy Snapchat and TikTok, while many younger generations find more fun using YouTube to learn new things – a website that got its start when the user base dominant had just been born.

Go the opposite of interactive content marketing

So if users of digital devices and channels are transforming, marketing efforts must transform with them. Additionally, being proactive as a marketing agency or professional working in the industry means looking at these trends and leveraging currently existing marketing technologies and methodologies to go in the opposite direction with your content and who it is targeted at.

Suppose a company creates a product geared more towards the baby boomer generation. This generation grew up without much of the digital technology available today, too often marketing agencies default to thinking that this age group needs simple, specific advertising to stay interested in a product or service. service he needs.

But among the many content marketing trends that have begun to dominate this year, interactive content is extremely engaging with a favorable ROI for a host of businesses. The favor of this is because shoppers of all ages are becoming more independent, eager to find out about the products and services they buy. One of the most active generations is the baby boomer generation, which means they react to interactive content just as much as a younger individual who is well versed in video game apps and hands-on digital content.

It’s a way that marketing agencies and executives can use my principle of anticipation to go opposite. Say you’re developing a content strategy for a hardware store — a business in an industry that traditionally catered to middle-aged men — some of the content might be a fun survey that engages their own knowledge of tools and how-to animations. , interactive, etc.

The thing is, the content you use in a marketing strategy is the Soft Trend – a future possibility that is open to influence. It is not set in stone and will always be open to influences as the world changes.

For businesses: Collaborate with your marketing

For you as a business owner, mastering the marketing behind your products and services might have been a hat you wore right from the start of your business. However, over time, you’ve probably noticed that due to its dynamic nature, outsourcing this task to an agency or in-house marketing team is a more cohesive plan.

But that doesn’t mean business owners, executives, and even middle managers want to be in the dark about marketing their products. Collaborating with the marketing professionals you hire or the agency you outsource is something necessary, but how can it be done efficiently and without stepping on anyone’s toes?

As the creator of a product or service, you are always closest to the material, and the purpose behind those products or services is always tailored to a general demographic that you know. These two categories are the assets you bring to the marketing equation, but what you can better streamline is to facilitate an anticipatory mindset around the target demographic and the products and services you offer. These are both dynamic and constantly changing, and focusing on future Hard Trend certainties that impact these changes allows you to be more open-minded about how and where they will be marketed.

Know your customers through hard trends

Going back to the aforementioned example of middle-aged men buying products at a hardware store, a future certainty from Hard Trend is that as they retire they will have more time to work on projects. domestic or hobbies that require the products sold. in a hardware store.

But in turn, they also have more time to learn about new products through new marketing channels, and if they’re already hands-on people, that’s where your enthusiasm for the products and services you offer helps a marketing team determine what kind of content to tailor now and in the future.

All in all, the marketing professionals working for a company and the business executives who run that company have a vital role to play in the success of finding new business every year. Instead of sticking to the status quo, consider moving in the opposite direction in ways that are dynamic and unheard of for your industry, but base it on anticipatory research that gives you future certainty.

As always, business and marketing decisions based on certainty are far less risky than those based on the mistaken assumption that things will never change. Embrace change and anticipate to navigate!