Audio-First Marketing Benefits | Launch of Podcast/Social Media Branding Report

The new piece explains the changing landscape of social media and marketing, including the growing importance of early audio experiences. It also provides insight into the benefits that audio-based marketing has on businesses and brands.

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The importance of social media marketing is frequently discussed, and visual/video formats are often referred to as the gold standard. However, David Ciccarelli’s new report points out that video has many limitations and there is a large and growing audience that is now accessing content through audio media such as podcasts.

According to Edison Research, 144 million Americans over the age of 12 have listened to podcasts and 32% of the population do so on a monthly basis. While music is, of course, a popular type of content, Edison also reports that 74% of podcast listeners do it to learn something new.

David Ciccarelli’s recent article explains that audio-first content allows people to perform other tasks at the same time, making it a much more convenient format than other media. Additionally, he states that most podcasts contain multiple ad slots, providing an ideal opportunity for marketers.

Indeed, the report indicates that audio-first marketing is not only a valuable outlet, but can also be more powerful than visual approaches. He explains the concept of “banner blindness,” which refers to consumers’ ability to ignore visual advertising on a web page or video. Conversely, Ciccarelli says audio advertising has been shown to reach target audiences more effectively.

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With a talent pool of over 2 million independent artists worldwide, Voices offers a comprehensive resource for marketers looking for voice actors, translators, musicians and audio producers. The platform’s services have been used by major organizations such as BMW, Microsoft, Shopify, Cisco and many more.

David Ciccarelli recently said: “We are seeing massive shifts towards audio in an otherwise visual world. Early audio experiences help make much-needed space for the many people who are experts, creators, thought leaders, students, educators, and many others who don’t fit into the stereotypical mold of beauty and influence.

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