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The groundbreaking new marketing group is shaking up traditional agency expectations by addressing some of business owners’ biggest frustrations with outsourcing.

CHICAGO, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Founders of Concorde New Media Iva Sinkova and Iliya Nedev are on a mission to change the way businesses work (or fail to work) with outside marketing companies. They didn’t seek to revolutionize the industry; at first they just needed a way to keep up with demand. Business referrals outstripped their ability to grow as a solo agency, and nearly every new client said the same thing: They just wanted a marketing partner who could explain the job and show them meaningful results.

Realizing that they had found the central problem creating divisions between customers and marketers, Sinkova and Nedev decided to seek out other established marketing companies aligned with their vision and values. Within two years, they acquired NAVEO Marketing, a comprehensive B2B agency with over 20 years of experience, Creative Consulting, a local SEO and social media marketing firm, and Sage Coach Marketing, specializing in marketing strategies for niche and brand image. Concorde Print & Design, the first member of the CNM, provides B2B print marketing for certain areas of the city center Chicago biggest names.

Owner and President Sinkova said, “These days, people are demanding more transparency at every level, from governments to healthcare providers to service providers, and marketing is no exception. Our approach gives business owners and internal marketing teams direct access to marketers. Clear communication and measurable results are the cornerstones of every campaign.”

In another twist on the traditional marketing agency model, Concorde New Media eschews the standard list of services. Instead, they create fully customized strategies based on each client’s goals, timeline, and resources.

“Meeting a client’s marketing needs is the only service we offer. How we do it, the tactics, the teamwork, that’s not what people pay for,” Sinkova said. “Of course we have the capabilities, but it’s about setting the goal, delivering on the promise and documenting the work. That’s what most marketing agencies lack, so that’s where we focus.”

With a brand new website and ambitious plans for the future, Concorde New Media is ready to partner with other growth-oriented organizations for limited and long-term projects.

Headquarters in the city center Chicago With creative brands in multiple states, Concorde New Media serves businesses of all sizes from coast to coast. CNM includes highly experienced professionals working in graphic design, search engine marketing, content development, video production, advertising and cutting-edge communications. For more information, please visit

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