After Assam, clamor grows to bring Population Control Act and Cow Protection Act to Tripura

After Assam, there are growing clamors in Tripura to pass the Population Control Act and Cow Protection Act.

BJP MP Fatikroy Sudhangshu Das will present a private member’s bill to the state assembly on these issues. The next session of the assembly will probably be held in September-October this year

Das told ET: “We need a population control bill with two standards for children because resources and land are limited and we cannot afford a population explosion.”

He added: “It is necessary to fight against the illegal livestock trade. The cow is revered and we cannot accept that some mistreat it. This question is related to the emotion of Hindus.

The government of Assam has recently tabled a Livestock Preservation Bill, 2021 which proposes sale of beef only in designated places restricting any type of sale in areas inhabited by non-beef consuming communities. However, still needs to be debated and adopted.

According to the bill, “No one may directly sell, offer or expose for sale or buy beef products in any form whatsoever, except in places authorized to do so by the competent authority. Provided that no such permission is granted in the area(s) which are predominantly inhabited by Hindus, Jains Sikhs and other non-beef eating communities or within 5 km of an ant temple, of a satra (monastery) or other religious institutions belonging to the Hindu religion or such other institution or domain as may be prescribed by the competent authority. »

When passed, it will replace the Assam Cattle Preservation Act, 1950. The bill provides that no transport of cattle will be permitted and no transit of cattle will be permitted into Assam from or from other states. here without a permit.

The government of Assam is considering limiting certain government programs to two child standards.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently said: “While Uttar Pradesh has taken a legislative path to introduce population control measures, in Assam we have already passed a resolution for population control in the state assembly.

He said that while in the case of basic government programs, everyone will be allowed, however, in the case of some programs, population standards or the two-child policy will come into play. For example, if we start a housing program, it will open to two standards for children. »