Abortion May Limit Population Growth – Richard Althouse | Letters to the Editor

For millions of years, we humans have been genetically programmed to reproduce via a time-sensitive, hormone-driven, and relatively unthinking instinct to reproduce in the interest of the survival of the species. We have had great success. More than 7 billion humans are now on our planet.

It is therefore understandable that threats to our reproductive process have triggered an emotional resistance that has facilitated moral extremism, encouraged the promotion of medical myths and lies – even murder – while ignoring readily available data on the consequences. negative effects of unbridled reproduction and population growth. such as social violence, crime, poverty and death.

Experts have claimed that our planet can reasonably support 3 billion of us. In 2018, approximately 900,000 women in the United States chose to have abortions. Over 3 million pregnant women have chosen not to. Instead of enjoying their “right to life”, many of these children will starve to death.

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It is time for anti-abortion and right to life advocates to wake up to the social significance of abortion and recognize that women, not men, are responsible for managing the population in the interests of the survival of our children and of the species.

Abortion is not just a woman’s right, it is a social necessity that benefits everyone.